JERRI REID is an American contemporary brand founded in 2011 based on culture, versatility, and community. The New York-based label celebrates heritage, art, and music to enhance new human experiences. With constant evolution, the brand serves as an outlet for eclectic expression and innovative design.
Jerri infuses his BROOKLYN upbringing with his Panamanian, Honduran, and Trinidadian culture seamlessly. As Creative Director, he embraces his love of intricate details, chic exuberance, and audacious changeability. At JERRI REID, there is no limit to the brand’s bold vernacular of style, design, and intentional concepts.
Our Long Term Plan
The Jerri Reid company will sustain, it will persist,  and it will withstand any test of time, for all time. Regardless of economical conditions, political issues, religious problems, and all violence, the Jerri Reid company will thrive. All internal affairs will be positive contributions to fashion, arts, and limitless clientele. The Jerri Reid company will be the cornerstone for Culture, Community, and Composition for infinite years. We are the legacy for future generations near and far.